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Become a Shozam Affiliate – It's Easy!

We offer an affiliate program through Digital River oneNetwork. Sign up, enter your Affiliate ID and you will receive a 10% commission on all sales resulting from visitors clicking on your Shozam link. Digital River oneNetwork gives you an additional commission: up to 2.5% more depending on your sales level. There are two ways to earn commissions on Shozam sales:

  • Shozam galleries: if you have a Shozam gallery, become an affiliate and receive commissions when viewers click on the "Generated by Shozam" link appearing at the bottom of your gallery pages, and ultimately purchase Shozam.
  • Websites and blogs: promote Shozam on your site or blog, and include your affiliate code in the Shozam link on your web pages. You will receive a commission for any Shozam purchase initiated by viewers who click on Shozam links on your site.

Learn more about the oneNetwork affiliate program, or sign up now.


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