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Our Leadership: Showcasing Digital Media Online

Komotion is a recognized leader in providing customers around the world with software tools and services to showcase and leverage their digital media online. Komotion was established in 1997, in Bellevue, WA, USA.

Komotion's award-winning software, Shozam Web Gallery Generator, creates full-featured web-ready galleries (photo websites) that showcase users' digital media. Images, video, audio and text are all brought together in one easy-to-create web gallery. Shozam also provides copyright protection, theme editing, shopping cart, geo-tagging, page links, direct entry of custom HTML code, built-in search engine optimization, social network widgets and many other features to help users leverage their web galleries.

Files are generated on the user's computer, so photos stay safe. Gallery files can be uploaded to any webhost or existing website; the user controls where the gallery is hosted and who can view the gallery.

Shozam combines the best of professional design and ease of use. The software is available in five editions for different web gallery needs: for family photographers who just want to share photos online, to professionals who need image control and copy protection, to businesses that want to sell images and make money from their galleries. Now anyone can create a professional photo website without knowing HTML – and without spending a small fortune.

Our Mission: Empowering the User

Shozam software was born out of frustration with Web 2.0 services controlling and monetizing user content. Millions of users have turned to Web 2.0 companies to help them share their content online because these services make it easy. Although many photo sharing services, video sites and blog services are “free” to the user, what's the real cost? Control.

Users upload their media to the web service and in turn, give up control of their images: over who actually owns them, how images are displayed and who can view them. And who's making money from the user's content? Typically not the user. And what happens to the user's media if the service goes out of business? Remember Yahoo Photos and Photosite? Rest in peace.

Shozam is the result of a collaboration of photographers, web designers and software developers. This group of professionals did not want to get locked into the proprietary realm of web service providers who milk someone else's content for their own gain. Shozam creators wanted a fast, easy, professional web gallery generator that enabled users to maintain control and ownership of their content. Shozam, the photo sharing web services antidote, was launched in 2007.

Our History: The "Lightbulb Moment"

The idea for Web Gallery Wizard, KOMOTION's first-generation web gallery product and Shozam predecessor, blew in on a sea breeze several years ago. Founder Razvan Neagu was the best man at his best friend's wedding. As he participated in the beautiful ceremony on the beach in Hawaii, he thought what a shame it was that all of their friends and family couldn't be there to share it with them -- the groom was from Romania, the bride was from California and they were living in Seattle.

With this in mind, he thought about what to give them as a wedding gift. Then it occurred to him: their friends and family could share in the experience. He decided to put his talents as a multimedia designer to work and create a truly unique gift: their own personalized wedding photo gallery that they could post online.

Their wedding was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so the gallery needed to be beautiful, memorable and easy to personalize. Razvan wanted to make it simple enough so that the bride could add photos later. It would be a gift to last a lifetime, and the challenge was to make the process fast and easy, and the results personalized and elegant.

Then he realized the potential of the idea: why not develop a program that anyone could use to create a personal photo gallery to post online and share? That was the lightbulb moment for our product, Web Gallery Wizard, which launched in 2004. Web Gallery Wizard PRO followed in 2005.



"Shozam's gallery creator is awesome! It neatly organized numerous tasks and has cut down maintenance time immensely. It is a must-have product!"

David Cole, Minneapolis, MN


"Very clean and simple application."

James Pate, Mississagua, CA


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