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Since 1997, Komotion has been one of the leading providers of tools and services that help consumers, professionals and businesses showcase their media online. The Company's mission is to shift control of user-based online content from Web 2.0 services back to the user. How? By making it easy and compelling for people to integrate and control their own online content. Komotion's answer: Shozam Web Gallery Generator.

Shozam Web Gallery Generator

The Company's award-winning software product, Shozam Web Gallery Generator, creates full-featured, web-ready galleries (photo websites) that showcase a user's digital media. Images, video, audio and text are all brought together in one easy-to-create web gallery. Shozam also provides copyright protection, theme editing, shopping cart, geo-tagging, page links, direct entry of custom HTML code, built-in search engine optimization, social network widgets and many other features to help users leverage their web galleries.

Shozam gallery files are generated on the user's computer, so photos stay safe and in the hands of the user: the true owner. These files can be uploaded to any webhost or existing website; the user controls where the gallery is hosted and who can view the gallery.

Shozam Web Gallery Generator is available in five editions to meet different web gallery needs: for family photographers who just want to share photos online, to professionals who need image control and copy protection, to businesses that want to sell images and make money from their galleries. Now anyone can create a professional photo website without knowing HTML -- and without spending a small fortune on web design.

Company History

Komotion was established in 1997 by Razvan Neagu, in Bellevue, WA, as a provider of multimedia design services. Clients ranged from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, including the National Karate Federation, Electronic Arts, Eddie Bauer, Philips Medical Systems, Calidora Skin Clinics, Hoffman Architects, SonoSite, Formotus, Confirma, Orahealth and Pacific Biosciences Laboratories.

After a "light bulb moment" in 2001, Mr. Neagu began development on Komotion's first software product, Web Gallery Wizard, which launched in 2004. Web Gallery Wizard was the first gallery software product that combined ease-of-use with beautiful gallery output. For the first time, customers could create their own professionally designed "mini website" for their photos. Customer response was near-fanatical; they loved Web Gallery Wizard, and Web Gallery Wizard PRO, launched in 2005, but they wanted even more: the ability to add video, music, shopping cart...the "wish list" went on.

With the advent of Web 2.0 services and the hijacking of user content for the monetary gain of web service providers, Komotion shifted its business focus to full-time software development. The Company set about building an even better web gallery generator: A product that would make it easy for users to create their own multimedia gallery experiences and make money from their own content rather than rely on web service companies. The result: Shozam Web Gallery Generator, launched in 2007.

Today, Komotion continues to refine and futher develop Shozam Web Gallery Generator. The software has a loyal customer following: people who value control over the web services "community."

Executive Team

Razvan Neagu


Razvan Neagu
CEO/Founder, Komotion, Inc.



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"I chose Shozam for its professional themes, great help features and user friendly software."

Juanita Barr, Jerseyville, IL


"The Shozam software is simply outstanding, and I'm ecstatic about what I've been able to create!"

Yvette Neumann, Bellingham, WA
Particulars Studio


"I love the software; great results! You have given us amateur photographers a chance."

Raymond Robin, Hempstead, NY
Robin Graphics


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