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Shozam galleries feature 7-10 different page template layouts to fit many different needs and gallery uses. All pages are automatically created for you. Just import your images, and Shozam does the rest!


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Intro Page Layout

Each Shozam theme has an Intro page layout with a unique Flash animation created with your photos. Adds dazzle to your gallery right from the start.

QuickView Page Layout

The QuickView page layout makes it easy to see a main image and thumbnails at-a-glance. Find that great photo fast!

Large Page layout

The Large page layout maximizes image size and showcases details. Gives your gallery visual impact.

Details Page Layout

The Details page layout displays information for a specific image. This page includes captions and descriptions (options not available in Shozam Lite Edition), and camera data (EXIF).

Details All Page layout

The Details All page layout displays detailed information for all the images in an album.

Index Page Layout

The Index page layout provides thumbnails of all images in a gallery and makes it easy to quickly find an image of interest. This page layout is often used as a Contact Sheet.

Slideshow Page layout

The Slideshow page layout presents images sequentially, by album. Images are maximized for best viewing. Enhance your show with music (option not available in Shozam Lite Edition).

Map Page layout

The Map page layout lets you plot a specific image on Google Maps. This page layout is not available in the Shozam Lite and Express Editions.

Map All Page layout

The Map All page layout displays all your gallery images plotted on Google Maps. This page layout is not available in the Shozam Lite and Express Editions.

Info Page Layout

The Info page layout is often used as an "About Us," "About our Products," "Bio" or other text page. This page layout is not available in the Shozam Lite Edition.



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"I've been looking for easy to use software to create a professional and sharp looking gallery and I finally found it! I love the variety of templates. So easy to use, and all the options! I couldn't be more happy."

Dawn Gunter, Everett, WA
Dawn LH Gunter Photography



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