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"Excellent software, worth every penny."

Kenneth Simons, Lincolnshire, UK
The Artists Friend


"It's almost too simple to create a good looking webpage with Shozam."

Rudi Iverson, Allerod, DK
Boston Distribution


"This software has transformed my website. Shozam has it all, and no programming skills needed."

Gary Morgan, Bagillt, UK
Photography by Morgan


"We have experienced a significant increase in sales as a direct result of Shozam."

Brian Gregg, Greendale, WI


"No other programs compare with Shozam. The ease of use is such a relief from other software I've worked with."

Larry Allen, San Jose, CA
Allen's Portrait Arts


"Shozam BusinessPlus has become a way for me to generate mini-websites that I have been able to sell to several clients. The program paid for itself with just one client. Thanks."

Paul Calvenzani, Pompano Beach, FL


"Shozam is amazing. I've now got a million dollar website that looks professional and promotes my business with ease."

Julie Sinclair, Sheffield, UK


"Shozam software is a dream come true, for it puts me in control of our website."

Lydia Putney, Pt. Pleasant, WV
Putney Photography


"Don't know a thing about creating websites but thanks to this software I now have a website for my art and one for my husband's photography."

Allison Miller, Atlanta, CA


"Shozam has delivered far more than I expected and opened up an unexpected 'niche' for making some extra money."

Paul Calvenzani, Pompano Beach, FL


"In five minutes I was up and running."

Martin Hemenway, York, UK


"Shozam is priceless. You made it easy for me to share my photos with my family and friends without having to hassle with building web pages."

Yalda, Los Angeles, CA
Photos by Yalda


"Everyone I show my galleries too are really impressed at how great they look. Thanks for the awesome product."

Michael Cox, Dallas, TX
Imagx Photography


"Shozam is wonderful - I have impressed all my family!!! I am thrilled with it."

Barbara Doody, New Orleans, LA


"After weeks or looking for website software to show off my photos, Shozam makes the best looking site. Easy to build, and I love the look."

Charleen Crawford, Tooele, UT


"I cannot believe it is so easy to create a photogallery for my private site! You have saved me so much time."

Dmitry Kosintsev, St. Petersburg, RU


"I chose Shozam for its professional themes, great help features and user friendly software."

Juanita Barr, Jerseyville, IL


"The Shozam software is simply outstanding, and I'm ecstatic about what I've been able to create!"

Yvette Neumann, Bellingham, WA
Particulars Studio


"This brilliant piece of gallery management software ended my years of looking, trying and coding efforts. It's very easy to use and it works! I have all my 5000+ photos and videos re-organized and posted on my Gallery-II site. I couldn't be more happy! Thanks Shozam!!!

Lawrence Chu, Los Angeles, CA


"Absolutely the easiest gallery tool on the planet! Great quality! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!"

Tom Garber, Myrtle Beach, SC


"Shozam is easy to use and the various styles & options allow one to create a unique display. The price is also right!"

Shevill Mathers, Tasmania, AU


"I needed a gallery program to show some school prom pics for the kids to see. Shozam was the answer."

Tim Stevens, Braintree, UK


"I have used Phanfare for sharing my images for the last few years. Now they move to a 'community' website. I'm looking for a solution that would allow easy uploading of a new album while I move from place to place. Shozam is it!"

Mervyn Groves, Chapel Hill, NC
Images by Mervyn Groves


"As a professional photographer, I love this program for easily showing clients their photographs. The image quality and features are outstanding."

Ramona Payne, Henderson, NV


"This is just great! I easily created a gallery that fits the style of my own created website."

Reynoir Pascual, Singapore


"I am impressed with Shozam. I was able to create my first gallery with over 400 pictures almost immediately."

Paul Calvenzani, Pompano Beach, FL


"I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a website but can't afford professional designer prices. It saved me a lot of time and money."

Carlton Sanders, Atlanta, GA


"As a watercolor artist, the varied layouts Shozam provides are spectacular. My artwork is showcased professionally. Thanks for making me look good!"

Stacie Clark, Kirkland, WA


"This is a very well built program and very easy to learn and use. And a great price. Thanks again for a wonderful program."

Shelly Hyde, Atlanta, GA


"I love the software; great results! You have given us amateur photographers a chance."

Raymond Robin, Hempstead, NY
Robin Graphics


"I have tried many different galleries, and have never had much success. Then I found Shozam ... very simple to use. Updating is easy, and uploading is a breeze."

Caroline Page, Newbury, UK


"Shozam provides a great alternative to display and sell your work online for a lot less than other products or services."

Wayne Nolting, West Hartford, CT
Optix Studio


"This has been a very big help in showing wedding proofs to my clients. I have also received positive feedback from the galleries that are created with it."

Collin Smith, Florence, SC


"The program's ability to insert HTML code directly into the program is one of the major reasons I chose it over competing gallery/slideshow software. Nothing else comes near its capabilities."

Ted Duke, Reston VA


"Shozam has largely contributed to the fact that Ulf M (a Norwegian painter) has been accepted by the Agora Gallery in New York, after only 6 months on the web! Thanks!"

Arnfinn Anda, Rouen, FR


"This software has made a daunting task very easy, letting me concentrate on my business and not having to worry about getting my images on line for people to buy."

Barry Paffey, Brentford, UK
Barry Paffey Photography


"Shozam is the best I've seen. It's top notch, super easy to use and the results are amazingly professional. It's a real winner."

Gary Hadden, Durham, NC
Balloon Krazy


"This is great. Love the interface, and the addition of the Google AdSense functionality is wonderful."

Roger Payne, Chicago, IL


"You have taken the labor-intensive job of creating an image website with a shopping cart, and make it extremely easy. It's a joy to use this product."

Barry Moore, Concord, NC
RBS Productions


"Shozam is TONS easier than uploading photos through DreamWeaver's ''web photo album'' tool. WHAT A TIME SAVER this is!!!"

Nancy McGuire, Jackson, NJ


"Shozam is…a nice simple program. Dreamweaver is a major project undertaking when it comes to generating galleries for the web."

Brent Johnson, Sydney, AU
BJJ Design


"This is one of the very best pieces of software I have ever encountered - straightforward to use, does exactly what it is supposed to (and very quickly), and produces an end product that retains all the design qualities of the template. That's a class act!"

John Lifton-Zoline, Englewood, CO


"The best on the market for the quick and simple design of arts, crafts and similar self-contained sites. The built-in e-commerce features are very convenient."

Moreno Tagliapietra, New York, NY


"This is an amazing product. I can produce great albums and storefronts, saving hours of work! Add in the available ''User Forum'' and development ''Wish List'' and you have a great product. Thanks!"

Rick Seymour, Troy, MI


"We use Shozam for ourselves and our clients and have found it an invaluable addition to our design software. Thanks Shozam."

Wayne Corps, London, UK
Hypersonic Photo


"Shozam's gallery creator is awesome! It neatly organized numerous tasks and has cut down maintenance time immensely. It is a must-have product!"

David Cole, Minneapolis, MN


"We count on Shozam to show our before and after pics. I highly recommend it to anyone needing a professional look to their picture collection display."

Suzanne Perry, Springfield, MO
Complete Maintenance


"I've created Shozam galleries with hundreds of images in under 10 minutes, start to finish. And the results are top notch."

Brooks Clayton
President of Mid South Color
Jackson, TN


"My family is spread throughout the USA. Shozam easily lets me share our son's growth with them without having to make endless copies of pictures and mailing them out."

Herman L. Ulloa, Miami, FL


"Thank you Shozam for making it possible for me to share my little world with others."

Ramona Cox, Redondo Beach, CA
Sky Chick Adventures


"Even though I'm just a amateur family photographer, Shozam makes even my website look professional."

Tony Hill, Sheffield, UK


"I love Shozam. It doesn't take me days on end to create my gallery. I get lots of compliments from family & friends."

Linda Presley, Harrison Township, MI


"We can share our digital photos with family and friends anywhere, near or far away, just by the click of a mouse on a computer."

Lydia Putney, Pt. Pleasant, WV


"I created quick slideshows from vacation bible school and put it on the church website for all to see. Great program, very easy."

Karen Marsh, Rochester, NY


"Everything is remarkably straightforward. Explanations are clear and easy to follow. Attractive albums can be created in just a short time."

Geoffrey Alexander, Galashiels, UK


"What a great piece of software. I was lost without it. And, the hits on our soccer fan website have gone up because of it."

Paul Hampson, King's Lynn, UK
King's Lynn Fan Zone


"80% of the work I used to do is now automatically done by Shozam. Now I spend far more time doing what I want to do - taking photographs and writing. This is freedom."

David Cole, Minneapolis, MN
DPC Photo


"Shozam has greatly increased the professional presentation of my photographs and ideas."

Wayne Hazard, Weehawken, NJ
Extraordin Air Photography -


"I highly recommend it to anyone needing a professional look to their picture collection display."

Kathline Spurling, Pittsford, NY


"Fantastic ‘Design and Build' website tool that's easy use. In 30 minutes my website was up and running. Thank you."

Richard Beck, UK
With my Little Eye


"I'm very impressed! I've been searching for a really nice gallery program and finally found it. It's easy to use and integrate into any website. Thanks for making life easier!"

Jeff McBride, Oklahoma City, OK


"I'm thrilled thus far with my purchase decision and can't wait to share your company with fellow friends in the art community!"

Yvette Neumann, Bellingham, WA
Particulars Studio


"Without a doubt Shozam is the best photo software I have ever had the pleasure to use. I was able to update all of my albums in less then an hour."

Brian Gregg, Greendale, WI


"The program is fantastic! Easy to use and fast!"

Paolo Falchetto, Venice, IT


"Shozam is more than I dared to ask for. I was wondering if I was asking for the moon. Well, thanks for the moon! My client will be very happy with his gallery."

Dino Del Mancino, IT
Mancino Web Design


"Wowee! Shopping cart, info page, YouTube videos…and it's easy to use, even for beginners like me. Warm, big bear hugs!"

Mark Freeman, Melbourne, AU


"Shozam creates a very professional gallery that is feature rich. It has everything needed for a commercial website, without compromising the look of the gallery."

John Hooton, Croydon, UK
John Hooton Photography


"Shozam is quick! I have done four photogalleries today - three for my holiday rentals business and one for family in Australia - and the whole thing is just brilliant."

Caroline Page, Newbury, UK


"I have found your product to be the very best photo gallery package available. Thank you! Shozam makes my clients giddy with happy reviews."

Don Steinberger, Anchorage, AK


"Wow, what simplicity! Before Shozam, I spent days creating a flash photo gallery for a travel company; good to look at, but too long to load. I downloaded Shozam, and in less than 30 minutes, I created 3 galleries, which are quick and sleek."

Jane Philpot, Milton Keynes, UK


"This software changed my life. Purchased Shozam after falling in love at first sight. Oh happy days!"

Jamie Moore, Sheffield, UK


"Shozam is the best product for professional photographers to quickly and easily promote, protect and sell images online."

Brooks Clayton
President of Mid South Color
Jackson, TN


"Excellent helpdesk and support."

Julie Sinclair, Sheffield, UK


"I appreciate your prompt and in-depth responses. I value the service equally with the product, and you've impressed me in both areas. Thank you for making Shozam a successful part of our endeavors."

Larry Allen, San Jose, CA
Allen's Portrait Arts


"Thank you for your (amazingly) fast reply! What a breath of fresh air to get answers in terms that a "plebe" can understand - wow! Actual bonafide help! You guys rock."

Yvette Neumann, Bellingham, WA
Particulars Studio


"I don't think I have ever experienced such prompt and efficient support service."

Roger Andrews, Llantwit Major, UK
Landmarks Andrews Studios


"WOW! Thanks for the ultra-quick response. Very impressive! I'm a customer for life now!"

Paul Timpa, New York, NY
Trail Blazer Media


"Thank you! You have been a tremendous help! As a business, we appreciate your promptness & wonderful product."

Vijay Thakar, Rolling Meadows, IL


"You guys do a great job with support."

Christian Garing, Florham Park, NJ


"Thank you for such quick service. I am really excited by this product, and it's hard to get me excited about programs. This is going to be a great benefit to me. Thanks again for the speedy reply."

Steve Dye, Salem, VA
Steve Dye Photography


"The help I received from the Shozam Help Desk has been outstanding. Thank you!"

Wolfgang Gessl, Woodstock, CA
SDI Graphics


"A BIG thank you to customer support. I will certainly recommend Shozam to all my friends"

Barrie Rees, Pembroke Dock, UK


"Tutorials and Help are excellent and easy to follow. You won't need to buy a book to use this software - it is so simple!"

John Hooton, Croydon, UK
John Hooton Photography


"I am highly impressed with your customer support. My sincere thanks."

Chris Egwuibe, Enugu, NG
Purple Triangle Communications


"Thanks again for your responsiveness. Your customer service/support is right on the money. Keep up the good work."

Moreno Tagliapietra, New York, NY


"Very clean and simple application."

James Pate, Mississagua, CA


"One of the best programs I ever purchased! Well worth the money. I use Shozam to view and play widgets."

Rich Jans, Phoenix, AZ


"I'm so excited! I've been waiting for something like this to come on the market. I love Shozam's ability to blend different multimedia files into one gallery."

Cathy Dee Charaba, Puyallup, WA
Angel I Designs


"Shozam has addressed problems that have bedeviled us. We can upload many images quickly and add the look of our existing site by copying across HTML. It is remarkable."

Geoffrey Alexander, Galashiels, UK
ERIBE Knitwear Design


"I've compared the cost of just shopping carts (that do nothing else) and comparatively, Shozam comes out on top."

Tom Purse, Lake Forest Park, WA


"Shozam is just what I am looking for: a Flash animated, professional-looking template at an affordable price."

Jari Valladares, Orlando, FL


"I love the watermark and jpeg compression feature Shozam. Great program!"

Tor-Atle Sandal, Sauda, NO


"Great program; one of the easiest I've had the pleasure to work with. It's very versatile. I can change it to almost any color and look, and I can add buy buttons in mass."

Couto Rui, Santa Clara, CA
Couto Rui Photography


"Shozam is the greatest software! In just half an hour, I not only showcased my photos, but added a video and shopping cart."

Darleen Poynter, Crystal Lake, IL
Blow-Fill Seal Machines


"We are excited about finding Shozam. It will save us so much web design time and make it easy for us to load our Playa del Carmen wedding albums."

Brenda Alfaro, Playa Del Carmen, MX


"Photographers almost need to become a fantastic HTML/Flash programmer or pay a fantastic fees to web builders just to keep their websites going. With Shozam, not any more."

Gary Morgan, Bagillt, UK
Photography by Morgan


"Shozam has surpassed my expectations."

Deb Kelley, Tampa, FL
The Write One


"Shozam offers photographers of all levels a way to easily set up professional web galleries with a minimum of effort and time."

Wayne Nolting, West Hartford, CT
Optix Studio


"I've been looking for easy to use software to create a professional and sharp looking gallery and I finally found it! I love the variety of templates. So easy to use, and all the options! I couldn't be more happy."

Dawn Gunter, Everett, WA
Dawn LH Gunter Photography


"Shozam offers so much more than I hoped for! I love adding different audio to separate albums and the ease of uploading to an existing web site! Thanks for making my life much easier!"

Dana Bradley, Gadsden, AL
Bradley Photography


"We recommend Shozam to our customers, and include it as part of our complete photographic and digital service offering."

Brooks Clayton
President of Mid South Color
Jackson, TN


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"Great templates for getting your photos and images on the Web."

Matt Kloskowski
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Photoshop TV

"Fast and easy. Highly professional."

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"As simple or advanced as you need, Shozam lets you customize your gallery, protect photos and even sell your images and items."

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"Highest ratings on Documentation and Help, and overall Reviewer Recommendation."

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"Shozam really makes it easy for photographers to get their images online. It definitely looks out for the need for photographers to make money for their work."

Amit Chowdry
Pulse 2.0


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