Sharing Your Web Gallery

You've Created Your Photo Website, Now What?


Methods for Sharing Shozam

After you have generated your photo website, you can share it with family and friends using several methods.


If you already have a webhost, you can upload your photo website pages by following the instructions of your webhost.

If you already have a website, you may choose to integrate your Shozam photo website with your existing web pages by creating the appropriate links.

If you do not already have a webhost and you would like to post your web pages online, you can search online for webhosting companies. Additionally, many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide free web space. Contact them directly for additional information. We also recommend 1& We use them for our own webhosting and domain names. Find out more about 1&


You can share your photo website in email by compressing the files using a program such as JustZIPit (freeware) and WinRAR. This will create a .zip file which you can then attach in email. Notice how big the created .zip file is since email servers generally have size limitations. Usually, attachments that are under 1MB are fine.


You can also easily share your photo website by copying your files to a portable media format. The most popular way is to use your favorite disc burning application to create a data disc containing your photo website files. You can also copy your files to a portable hard drive, Zip disk, floppy, flash media cards, etc., and take your photo website with you wherever you go.

Your photo website is designed such that, when burned to a CD or DVD and inserted into a modern computer, it will automatically display the photo website.

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