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There are a lot of photo sharing options out there: you can upload photos to a web service, use web gallery creation software (like Shozam), or hire a designer to create a custom web gallery. Why choose Shozam? Because you can showcase all your digital media, get great results fast, make money from your gallery, maintain control and spend less than other options.

Shozam creates the best-looking photo websites, period.

Create a Multimedia Web Gallery

The average American has an estimated 2,860 digital files* stored on home computers and scattered among web services sites like Flicker, YouTube and Ebay. If you have digital files flung across the Internet universe, Shozam will let you bring them together into a compelling multimedia gallery to share your story, promote your business or even sell your images.

Shozam is the only solution for creating a media rich web gallery from all your digital files – not just your photos. And you can make money from your web gallery. No web service or other software program lets you bring it all together like Shozam.

From 500 Digital Files (2GB)... a Rich Media Web Gallery (60MB) in 30 Minutes

See this Shozam gallery online at:

Like Having Your Own Web Designer

Getting a web gallery (photo website), like the one above, from a professional web designer using expensive professional tools, can take 4-8 weeks, cost $10k-20k and be hard to modify or update. Shozam creates multiple page layouts for you automatically. Themes are professionally designed and easy to change. Updates are made with the click of a button.

Make Money from Your Shozam Gallery

Sell your images with built-in PayPal. You can even display ads on your site, like Google AdSense, and get paid when people click on those ads.

Spend Less, Get More

Shozam software is a one-time purchase; no ongoing subscriptions or fees. Buy Shozam once, and use it to create any number of web galleries. Plus, you get free updates, free themes and free technical support.

Get Online 40 Times Faster

With Shozam, galleries with thousands of images can be designed and generated in minutes. Images are optimized within the program, and the entire gallery is uploaded at once, making upload time 40x faster than photo-by-photo uploading to online services.

How? With Shozam Processing Power

The gallery above was created in 30 minutes:


Start image size: 500 images, 2 GB (actually 547 images, 2,352 MB)
End gallery size: 60 MB (actually 57.14 MB*) (8 albums, 547 images)


Put images in gallery: 10 minutes (actually 10 minutes 50 seconds)
Generate gallery: 20 minutes (actually 17 minutes 30 seconds)
Upload gallery: 1 hour (actually 59 minutes 15 seconds)

*Gallery photographs are from a modern consumer digital point-and-shoot camera: Casio 7 Mpixel camera, which creates on average 4.3 MB JPG images.

Compare with Photo Sharing Websites

Creating a web gallery, like the Shozam gallery above, from a web photo sharing service requires 40x more upload time to get the images online (almost two days and nights of continuous uploading) (actually 41 = 2,352 MB / 57.14 MB).

Stay in Control

With Shozam, you're in control of your galleries – how your images are compressed and protected, the look and feel of your gallery, and where you post it. You decide.

Try Shozam Now!

Download the Shozam free trial and experience the difference for yourself.


* press release, March 18, 2008

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"Fast and easy. Highly professional."

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"Highest ratings on Cost vs. Value."

Tucows - Official formal review

Photoshop TV

"I have tried many different galleries, and have never had much success. Then I found Shozam ... very simple to use. Updating is easy, and uploading is a breeze!"

Caroline Page, Newbury, UK

Photoshop TV

"This is an amazing product. I can produce great albums and storefronts, saving hours of work! Add in the available ''User Forum'' and development ''Wish List'' and you have a great product. Thanks!"

Rick Seymour, Troy, MI

Photoshop TV

"What a great piece of software. I was lost without it. And, the hits on our soccer fan website have gone up because of it!"

Paul Hampson, King's Lynn, UK
King's Lynn Fan Zone


"80% of the work I used to do is now automatically done by Shozam. Now I spend far more time doing what I want to do - taking photographs and writing. This is freedom."

David Cole, Minneapolis, MN
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