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Shozam provides dazzling, professionally designed, interchangeable themes that you apply to your gallery. Each theme features a unique Flash animation, created from your photos, that appears on your gallery's Intro page. See some theme and animation examples below.


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Example 1

Engage your viewers right from the start with a beautiful gallery and cool animation.

Example 2

Choose a theme that best suits your style.

Example 3

Shozam creates an Intro page animation to give your gallery pizzazz.

Example 4

Select your best images and showcase them in your animation.

Example 5

Use the Theme Editor to customize your own theme (not available in all editions).

Example 6

All Shozam Editions include built-in themes, or download more from our website.

Example 7

Shozam gives you high-end results without the high-end cost.

Example 8

Shozam creates the best looking web galleries, period.



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"Shozam is just what I am looking for: a Flash animated, professional-looking template at an affordable price."

Jari Valladares, Orlando, FL


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