About Shozam Trial Version


  • Trials for all Shozam Editions are on one program.* On the Step 1 screen of the Trial version, just select the Edition you want to try.
  • The Trial version creates fully functional galleries; output images are watermarked.
  • Help links, in blue, are available thoughtout the program. If you need help with a certain tab or feature, check to see if there is an associated Help link nearby. Otherwise, click the Help button at the bottom of the screen.
  • All feature tabs for the Edition you select are visible and enabled. Tabs that are not available in your selected Edition are not visible.
  • Galleries created with the Trial version are easily imported into any paid Shozam Edition.

*Want to try the Shozam BusinessPlus Edition? Just select the Shozam Business Edition on the Step 1 start screen. Both Editions have the same features with the exception of the option to remove the Shozam credit line.

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