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Impress Your Clients and Viewers with a Web
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Web Photo Galleries that Make You Look Good

Shozam Advanced Edition software is for photographers who want a professional web photo gallery and complete control. Customize a little or a lot to create a web photo gallery that's all yours. Add page and email links for easy integration with an existing site. Use image-by-image controls or set global defaults. Update and maintain your gallery with ease.


Top 3 Reasons to Get Shozam Advanced Edition

  • Get professional design for little cost: One-time purchase, no subscriptions
  • Web galleries tailor-made – by you! The built-in Theme Editor makes it easy
  • Control image display: Manage compression, cropping and copy protection


Imagine Your Photos Showcased Like This...

Gallery intro pages feature professional animations showcasing your photos.

More Examples


Everything You Need for a Professional Web Gallery

  • 10 page layouts including slideshow
  • Cool animations with your photos
  • Holds unlimited photos, albums and galleries
  • Audio, video, captions and descriptions
  • Image-by-image cropping and compression control
  • Geo-tagging (show photo locations on Google Maps) (*)
  • Professionally designed themes, Theme Editor (*)
  • Global image management: compression, cropping, copy protection (*)
  • Customization: page links, changeable navigation labels, EXIF display options (*)
  • Easy to update
  • Built-in FTP upload
  • Gallery widget for social pages, blogs
  • Free Help Desk support

(*) Each Shozam Edition builds on the previous one. Features in bold are added on top of the previous Edition.

Want even more features? Shozam Business Edition is the next step up.

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Automatically Generated Web Pages - 10 Layouts

Shozam Advanced Edition makes it easy to create many layouts for your gallery pages. And they're all automatically generated for you from your photos!

Page Layouts

Page Layouts


Professionally Designed Themes

Change the look of your gallery at the click of a button. Shozam comes with built-in themes, with more available for download.

Professionally designed themes


Create Your Web Photo Gallery in a Few Simple Steps

Simply arrange your images in albums and pick a theme. Shozam generates your gallery and uploads it to your webhost.

1 – Arrange

  • Import and arrange images and other media
  • Select image options like cropping and compression
  • Arrange images into albums

2 – Design

  • Choose a theme
  • Use the Theme Editor to customize gallery look and feel
  • Add features like copy protection and page links

3 – Generate

  • Click to generate your gallery files
  • Create presets for one-click upload
  • Upload to any webhost or website


Get Started Today With Shozam Advanced Edition

Customize your own professional web photo gallery, and upload it to any webhost or existing website. Shozam Advanced software gives you high-end results without the high-end cost.


Satisfaction guaranteed 100%

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Get all this

  • One-time purchase
  • Free program updates
  • Free gallery themes
  • Free technical support
  • 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee


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Shozam Advanced Edition - Add to cart

Advanced Edition

Price: $99.95
One-time purchase

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  • One-time purchase
  • Free program updates
  • Free gallery themes
  • Free technical support
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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Download the free trial now, and make your gallery in minutes!

  • 10MB download
  • No ads, no spyware
  • Quality tested and virus free

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Product Family


Shozam Lite Edition

For people who want a beautiful web gallery, but don't want to spend a lot of time or money to create it. The software's user interface is streamlined, so you don't bother with options you don't want.

Get this Edition for:

  • Fast, easy gallery creation
  • Affordability, with great results

Learn more


Shozam Express Edition

For people who want to go beyond a photo gallery and add video clips, music, narration, captions and descriptions to their web galleries.

Additional features:

  • Multimedia content (audio, video)
  • Control image quality
  • Control image cropping
  • Display high resolution images

Learn more


Shozam Advanced Edition

For photographers and other professionals who want a lot of gallery customization and image control options, or want to easily integrate a photo gallery into an existing web site.

Additional features:

  • Copyright protection
  • Built-in Theme Editor
  • Display photos on maps
  • Include links to external pages



Shozam Business Edition

For people who want to make money from their web galleries or use the program's HTML customization options.

Additional features:

  • Integrated shopping cart
  • Make money with ads on your site
  • Add your custom HTML code
  • Control search engine optimization

Learn more


Shozam BusinessPlus Edition

For web designers who want to generate professional client web galleries, but don't want to disclose their creation tool.

Additional features:

  • Create "white label" galleries

Learn more




Shozammers in over 55 countries all over the world love Shozam. See what they have to say...


"Highest ratings on Cost vs. Value."

Tucows - Official formal review


"Shozam really makes it easy for photographers to get their images online. It definitely looks out for the need for photographers to make money for their work."

Amit Chowdry - Pulse 2.0


"Shozam Web Gallery Generator works out very well with advanced or professional users who want to go beyond just photos."

Startup Squad

Photoshop TV

"As a professional photographer, I love this program for easily showing clients their photographs. The image quality and features are outstanding."

Ramona Payne, Henderson, NV

Photoshop TV

"This is just great! I easily created a gallery that fits the style of my own created website."

Reynoir Pascual, Singapore

Photoshop TV

"I am impressed with Shozam. I was able to create my first gallery with over 400 pictures almost immediately."

Paul Calvenzani, Pompano Beach, FL

Photoshop TV

"I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a website but can't afford professional designer prices. It saved me a lot of time and money."

Carlton Sanders, Atlanta, GA

Photoshop TV

"As a watercolor artist, the varied layouts Shozam provides are spectacular. My artwork is showcased professionally. Thanks for making me look good!"

Stacie Clark, Kirkland, WA


"This is a very well built program and very easy to learn and use. And a great price. Thanks again for a wonderful program."

Shelly Hyde, Atlanta, GA


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