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Shozammers in over 55 countries all over the world love Shozam. See what they have to say...

"We have experienced a significant increase in sales as a direct result of Shozam."

Brian Gregg, Greendale, WI


"No other programs compare with Shozam. The ease of use is such a relief from other software I've worked with."

Larry Allen, San Jose, CA
Allen's Portrait Arts


"Shozam is amazing. I've now got a million dollar website that looks professional and promotes my business with ease."

Julie Sinclair, Sheffield, UK


"Shozam software is a dream come true, for it puts me in control of our website."

Lydia Putney, Pt. Pleasant, WV
Putney Photography


"Don't know a thing about creating websites but thanks to this software I now have a website for my art and one for my husband's photography."

Allison Miller, Atlanta, CA


"My family is spread throughout the USA. Shozam easily lets me share our son's growth with them without having to make endless copies of pictures and mailing them out."

Herman L. Ulloa, Miami, FL


"Thank you Shozam for making it possible for me to share my little world with others."

Ramona Cox, Redondo Beach, CA
Sky Chick Adventures


"Even though I'm just a amateur family photographer, Shozam makes even my website look professional."

Tony Hill, Sheffield, UK


"I love Shozam. It doesn't take me days on end to create my gallery. I get lots of compliments from family & friends."

Linda Presley, Harrison Township, MI


"We can share our digital photos with family and friends anywhere, near or far away, just by the click of a mouse on a computer."

Lydia Putney, Pt. Pleasant, WV


"I created quick slideshows from vacation bible school and put it on the church website for all to see. Great program, very easy."

Karen Marsh, Rochester, NY


"Everything is remarkably straightforward. Explanations are clear and easy to follow. Attractive albums can be created in just a short time."

Geoffrey Alexander, Galashiels, UK


"What a great piece of software. I was lost without it. And, the hits on our soccer fan website have gone up because of it."

Paul Hampson, King's Lynn, UK
King's Lynn Fan Zone


"80% of the work I used to do is now automatically done by Shozam. Now I spend far more time doing what I want to do - taking photographs and writing. This is freedom."

David Cole, Minneapolis, MN
DPC Photo


"Shozam has greatly increased the professional presentation of my photographs and ideas."

Wayne Hazard, Weehawken, NJ
Extraordin Air Photography -


"I highly recommend it to anyone needing a professional look to their picture collection display."

Kathline Spurling, Pittsford, NY


"Fantastic ‘Design and Build' website tool that's easy use. In 30 minutes my website was up and running. Thank you."

Richard Beck, UK
With my Little Eye


"I'm very impressed! I've been searching for a really nice gallery program and finally found it. It's easy to use and integrate into any website. Thanks for making life easier!"

Jeff McBride, Oklahoma City, OK


"I'm thrilled thus far with my purchase decision and can't wait to share your company with fellow friends in the art community!"

Yvette Neumann, Bellingham, WA
Particulars Studio


"Without a doubt Shozam is the best photo software I have ever had the pleasure to use. I was able to update all of my albums in less then an hour."

Brian Gregg, Greendale, WI


"The program is fantastic! Easy to use and fast!"

Paolo Falchetto, Venice, IT


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